Artist Statement:
"As my time in college draws to an end, I realize that I am a completely different person than when I walked onto Lee’s campus four years ago. The transition I’ve made into who I am today happened because of the people who filled my college experience. As someone who has a hard time saying goodbye, it seemed fitting to do something for my art show that would embody and honor the people who have helped shape who I am; and furthermore, also encapsulate the goodbye I might someday have to make to them. I chose to visually depict 16 people that currently surround me at Lee. I chose the number 16 so that the layout of the show could be done in a grid, and the way that the 16 pieces interact with one another show the transition I have made. I arranged people in columns in the order that I met them in the past 4 years. The use of contrast throughout the piece forms waves to show the highs and lows that I experienced. I choose to mimic the art style of Dada, which aesthetically has a collage feel. I wanted to represent the pieces of people that have impacted me, and this collage feel was the perfect way to represent that. Lastly, the use of color across the piece from cool to warm depicts the warmth that comes with feeling fully like yourself and the true peace that comes with loving yourself. A lesson I have learned throughout college is that you have to love yourself before you can love those around you. Yellow is my favorite color, and warmth makes me think of sunny summer days. The warmth corresponds with last summer, a time when I felt like I became fully free to be myself. The cool colors represent the more negative or harsh moments of my personal evolution; however, I use them not to dwell in the negative, but to positively confront those feelings. The ebb and flow that the colors make throughout my piece represents the fluctuation of my own journey, reflected through the people that have been present for it. "

When the 16 people came to view the show, there was an envelop with letters to each person inside. They got to read the meaning behind why I choose all the elements to go in their piece.